Steering Committee Minutes 5-6-2013

Attendance: Bill Smith, Angela Jacobson, Don Horton, Michelle Healy, Jim Figurski, Mel Oberst, Matt Shinderman

  • Update on project management:
    • Jim shared information regarding the next steps in the Visioning Process:
      • June 7th is the first public event
      • June 11/12 Website launch (possible) for Alternatives and Phase 2 Questionnaire
      • Public Outreach through month of June to early July
      • Preferred Alternative development July
      • Public Outreach for Preferred Alternative; late July – early August
    • The committee discussed the four Alternatives selected by the Management Board including the perspective views associated with each
      • It was agreed that for consistency at least one of the two required perspectives should be from a common point – the iconic view across Mirror Pond with the North Sister in the distance. The second perspective should be chosen to best illustrate the intent of that Alternative
  • The committee went into Executive Session to discuss real property issues
  • The direction (motion) from the executive session was to pursue a resolution to the real property issues.

Adjourned @ 12:15PM

Document : MIRROR POND SC notes 05-06-13


Management Board Minutes 4-30-2013

Jim provided an overview of 8 potential scenarios to mirror pond sedimentation problem and the 4 scenarios the tech advisory committee recommends moving forward

Jim gave summary of tech engineering report and permitting report

  • Inter-fluve report states pond is functioning as a lake not a river
  • Sediment is soft and gooey and not good top soil, mostly sand
  • 380,000 cubic yards of volume throughout bottom of pond
  • Sedimentation rate is about 1400 cu ft per year
  • There are 2 to 3 meters of sediment at bottom of channel and is much deeper as you move away from channel
  • Hydraulic suction is recommended as the best sediment removal technique


A – Do Nothing
Mostly mudflats with a well-defined channel

B- Dam in place with full sediment removal Extensive open water

  • Full sediment removal cost is $18M
  • Repeat dredging every 30 to 50 years

C -dam in place partial removal

D- Dam in place partial redistribution of sediment

  • Designer dredging requires subsurface bank stabilization
  • Use dredge material to create islands, wetlands and park land requires location to de-water sediment
  • Sediment deposition will occur mostly immediately below Galvaston bridge where ongoing dredging can take place

E- Remove dam and no active sediment management

  • Possibility for aggressive pioneer specie invasion in mudflats and wetlands including protected species
  • We can create an amenity that will then be regulated
  • Could pursue “safe harbor” approach

F – Remove dam reconstruct channel with sediment management

G- Remove dam with active sediment management and channel relocation

  • Creates more land on east side of channel
  • This is an aggressive manipulation of channel

H -Partial dam removal and stepped water terraces

Management Board voted 10 in favor and 1 opposed to advance scenarios A, B, D and G for further study

Next meeting to be held in June

Document: MIRROR POND MANAGEMENT BOARD Notes 04-30-2013


Steering Committee Minutes 4-1-2013

Attendance: Bill Smith, Angela Price, Don Horton, Michelle Healy, Jim Figurski, Mel Oberst, (Matt Shinderman – absent)

  • Introductions
  • Update on project management:
    • Jim shared preliminary drafts of:
      • a Site Context Map illustrating the river corridor from below the Pacific Power Dam to the Colorado Dam
      • an Opportunities & Constraints Diagram
      • site photos, and
      • preliminary contour information for the Mirror Pond reach
    • The committee provided comments and suggestions for edits and inclusions on each map
  • There was a general discussion of the role of the Steering Committee vs. the role of the Management Board
    • It was pointed out that David Rosell had previously been elected the chair of the Management Board
    • It was suggested that Jim Figurski contacted Mr. Rosell to discuss his willingness to continue in that role and manage the Management Board meetings
  • Jim provided a general outline for the Visioning process to come
  • Don expressed concern that if the dam was removed the change in water levels in Mirror Pond could detract from the proposed work on the Colorado Safe Passage project
    • Don indicated there were 800 floaters/hour coming from McKay Park to Mirror Pond in the peak season and he did not want to see that use disrupted
    • Jim indicated that the engineers on the Mirror Pond project were the same as the Colorado Safe Passage project and that the consultants had been made aware that this was an issue
  • The issue of the Historic designation for the Pacific Power Dam and Powerhouse was discussed and it was suggested that the Steering Committee invite Heidi Kennedy to the next Steering Committee Meeting.
  • Jim indicated that he was in the process of forming a Technical Advisory Committee to assist in the review of work products from the consultant team and to assist as project experts in future public outreach efforts

Adjourned @ 12:15PM

Steering Committee Minutes 3-4-2013

Attendance: Matt Shinderman, Mark Capell, Don Horton, Jim Figurski, Mel Oberst, Greenworks Consulting team members, press

  • Introduction of team members and committee members
  • Discussion of timeline for developing a preferred vision for Mirror Pond
    • March through April – review existing conditions and conduct open house
    • May through June – develop vision alternatives
    • Late June – conduct vision open house
    • June through July – develop preferred vision
    • Late July – conduct vision open house
  • Consultant will be preparing 4 scenarios
  • Mirror Pond Management Board will meet soon to review questionnaire results and recommend range of scenarios to be evaluated, with at least a “no build” and a “dam removal” scenario

Meeting adjourned at noon

Management Board Minutes 1-18-2013

Mirror Pond Management Board
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Board Room of City Hall

Meeting Notes

Attendance: Angela Price (Pacific Power); Don Horton (Bend Park and Recreation District); Mel Oberst (City of Bend); Ryan Houston (Deschutes Watershed Council); Todd Heisler (Deschutes River Conservancy); Victor Chudowsky (Bend City Council); Leslie Olson (River West Neighborhood Association); Jim Figurski (Project Manager; Bend Park and Recreation District)

Also present: Reporters from Channel 2 and the Bend Bulletin; Spencer Dahl (Old Bend Neighborhood Association)

Agenda: Update on status and progress of Mirror Pond Visioning Project Discussion:   Don Horton started the meeting with a background statement regarding the history and intent behind the current project.  Jim Figurski gave a brief PowerPoint presentation to the MPMB covering some of the history of past efforts and the opportunities and constraints associated with current and future efforts.

The presentation also covered the launch of the Mirror Pond Project website; ; a discussion of the ‘Questionnaire’ hosted on the website; the current request for consultant services to help create the ‘Visions’ associated with future strategies to address silt; and the project schedule.

The board discussed the outreach strategies presented and stated their approval

Steering Committee Minutes 12-3-2012


Attendance: Bill Smith, Angela Jacobson, Don Horton, Jim Figurski, Mel Oberst, James Williams (the Source), Spencer Dahl (Old Bend Neighborhood)

  • Introductions
  • Update on project management:
    • Mel reported that the City does not perform sediment sampling in Mirror Pond
    • Mel also reported that the City Council would need to grant indemnification to property owners of Mirror Pond
    • Angela is researching what would happen to the dam if Pacific Power stops generation at the hydro facility
  • Jim reported on visioning/scenario selection in community outreach phase:
    • Cost estimates are $75K-95K
    • Jim is preparing scope of services for consultant RFP for community outreach
  • Next meeting will be a focus on the Community Visioning process

Adjourned @ 11:45PM

Document: MPSC-Minutes-2012-12-03

Steering Committee Minutes 11-13-2012


Attendance: Bill Smith, Angela Jacobson, Don Horton, Jim Figurski, Mel Oberst, Matt Shinderman, Joy Cooper, Bob Almquist, Mike Lovely, Spencer Dahl

  • Introductions
  • Discussed Mirror Pond Project Schedule, presented by Jim Figurski
    • Visioning process to look at alternative scenarios
    • Consultant role to develop visual images of Mirror Pond for alternatives
    • Identify permitting issues associated with each alternative
    • Need property owner outreach component under scoping
    • Explore permitting process
    • Initiate permitting process

Adjourned @ 12:00PM

Document: MPSC-Minutes-2012-11-13

Steering Committee Minutes 9-18-2012


Attendance: Bill Smith, Angela Jacobson, Don Horton, Mel Oberst, Matt Shinderman, Joy Cooper (student intern), Hilary B (media)

  • Discussed the possibility of hiring a special project manager to do permitting for Mirror Pond, to be paid by Bend Parks and Rec District
    • Went over the potential scope of work for the manager
  • Continued discussion of the financial commitment by City and Bend Parks and Rec District
    • If a project manager were hired, the other funds previously committed could be expended on professional services
  • The District could assist in the public process to keep cost down
  • Matt has access to a University of Oregon architectural graduate student who could help with the planning process and design work
  • Matt spoke with Bend 2030 Management Board about collaborating with OSU Cascades to run public outreach process, will pursue this topic further
  • Continued the discussion on a special district option

Adjourned @ 1:00PM

Document: MPSC-Minutes-2012-09-18

Steering Committee Minutes 8-6-2012


Attendance: Bill Smith, Angela Jacobson, Bruce Ronning (BPRD), Mel Oberst, Greg Blackmore, Matt Shinderman, Joy Cooper (student intern), Dylan Darling, Bend Bulletin

Discussion of $200,000 Commitment by City and Bend Parks and Rec District

  • Talked about using funds for alternative analysis, permitting requirements and public outreach

Tom Atkins is a landscape architect who may be able to prepare conceptual drawings of potential MP solutions

  • Matt will contact Tom to discuss

Need protocols for decision-making

  • Convene Park Board, City Council and Mirror Pond Management Board (MPMB) in a work session to discuss MP solutions and visioning Conceptual drawings are needed prior to this discussion

Matt will engage the 2030 Management Board about community outreach
The committee needs to resolve the legal questions regarding ownership and permitting requirements

  • Bill will contact the McKays (owners)
  • Mel will work with Mary Winters (City attorney) on legal issues

Greg spoke regarding MP issues

  • Need to define purpose and need statement for permit process
  • Need a statement to discuss MP with the public
  • Full blown NEPA process costs $500,000, which was the cost projected by the earlier study

Steering Committee Minutes 6-4-2012


June 4, 2012
Awbrey Butte Conference Room
Bend City Hall
710 NW Wall Street, Bend

Attendance: Bill Smith, Angela Jacobson, Don Horton, Mel Oberst, Greg Blackmore

1. Update on Park District Bond Measure (Don Horton)

/District has held a series of open houses and an on-line web survey regarding the proposed bond measure. Open houses were fairly well attended and participants generally supported the bond measure. Approximately 500 on-line surveys were submitted, survey results were more mixed. Mirror Pond seemed to be the most polarizing project on the bond measure list. It is expected that the Park District Board will discuss the bond at the June 19 meeting and make a decision on whether (and how) to proceed at that meeting or in early July.

2. Information Regarding Meeting with State Agencies (Greg Blackmore)

/Meeting is scheduled for June 13 from 1-4. Meeting was initiated by ODFW and DSL, through discussions with Ryan Houston. The intent of the meeting is to begin dialogue with the policy/decision making bodies and ensure that the permitting agencies concerns are involved in the discussion early in the process. MPSC is open to discussion with agencies, but expressed concerns related to narrowly focused project review (myopic focus), a concern about project creep, and overly exhaustive study  requirements. Keeping the meeting on-task and contained to Mirror Pond will be important for a meaningful discussion. MPSC posed questions related to the minimum amount of study needed and the availability of funds from agencies to support their agency mission. MPSC directed staff to prepare the questions for the agencies review prior to the meeting.

3. Update on Sediment / Water Quality Research (Greg Blackmore)

/GB has been researching City data related to sediment and water quality and is preparing a memorandum that summarizes the data. BS indicated that sediment from the 1984 dredge in addition to subsequent Old Mill projects will document that the sediment is clean. It is anticipated that a report that combines 1984 dredge information, Old Mill study information, and City water quality and sediment evaluation will be necessary for the property owners and the responsible jurisdiction to enter into a shared liability agreement, or indemnification arrangement.

In addition to the indemnification/liability issue, BS expressed concerns related to the amount of study that agencies could require. It was discussed that at time of submittal, rather than ask the agencies what sort of sediment evaluation is necessary, that a thorough report, including a reasonable amount of sediment analysis be provided. In the event the permitting agencies request additional studies and assessments, an appeal to reasonable and adequate scientific assessment could be made.