Install Plant.

Dynamo, Generator, and Wire Soon in Shaniko. Water Wheel Shipped.
Mains to be Extended At Once.

Portland, Or., June 26. — The next 60 days will see great activity in Bend civic improvement,  says President Robertson of the Bend Townsite Company who has been busy with plans since he came to Portland has accomplished a great deal. A 50-inch Samson turbine water wheel, to develop 210 horsepower has been ordered from the shops at Springfield, Ohio. It is now ready for shipment and is only waiting for the dimension of the pulleys, which is a matter of nice calculation.

A 100 KW generator and 7½ KW exciter, together with a complete outfit of station fittings have already been shipped from the shops at Milwaukee and should be in Shaniko by the end of this week. This will run more than 4000 16-candlepower incandescent lamps.

A carload of 4-, 6-, and 8-inch water main has been order for immediate shipment.

The electric will will use 125 horsepower, the flour mill 40 horsepower and the works pump 20 Horsepower, thus leaving a margin of 25 horsepower to take the capacity of the water wheel. This is with everything running at once.

With shops and transportation lines business, and the necessity for completion expert calculations specifications could be perfected, annoying delays have been encountered.

President Robertson will be for Bend in a few days, accompanied by J. E. Bade, the water works engineer, and by Photographer Gifford of The Dalles. Extension of mains will be taken at once. Gifford is to make a lot of new photographs of actual scenes in the Deschutes country for use in extensive advertising.

A traveler from Canada just arrived here says he firs; heard of Bend in Winnipeg and that every trainman he talked with between Winnipeg and Portland not only knew about Bend but spoke of Central Oregon as the coming country.

For the last week since the completion of the a force of 20 men has been engaged in preparing for the installation of the water wheel and electric plant. What with the sound of the blasting in this work and the railroad construction a taste of Fourth of July noise already is supplied. Three crews of men are engaged in erecting poles for the lighting system, and already 100 poles have been cut and placed in position along the alleys preparatory to being placed in the holes which been dug and drilled for them. The five miles of wire that will be strung on these poles is now in Shaniko.

Source: Bend Bulletin

Dam Progressess

Dam Progresses

Solid Rock Fill Nears Completion.
Backed Up Water Makes Beautiful Pond By Town. 

The work on the power dam across the Deschutes at Bend has made great progress during the last few weeks, the final filling of rock being about half completed Already the course of the river has been almost entirely diverted from the main channel into the spillway, and the water backed up to the bend in front of the Drake house.

The dam, a solid rock fill, is 250 feet in width, 18 feet high, and will raise the water 14 feet when the spillways are closed. The spillway construction consists of a rock-fill crib with 12×12 inch timbers, all bolted to solid rock foundation, and is 250 feet long. Five gates have been installed in the spillway, two of which will be connected by a flume with a 50-inch turbine wheel with 210 horsepower capacity, which will be employed for generating electricity until the railroad’s advent makes practicable the completion of the big permanent power plant.

At the lower end of the spillway provision has been made for a log gate, to afford passage for logs through the dam if necessary. A fish ladder will be constructed to enable trout to get over the dam.

A remarkably beautiful pond will result from the dam’s completion, which, situated directly beside the town, will add a notable feature to Bend’s list of attractions.

Source: Bend Bulletin 1910-06-01