Bend Company is Organized

Portland, April 4.–Today the new Bend Company was organized, the $360,000 stock was subscribed, and officers were elected.

D. F. Brooks is President, Clyde McKay, Vice-President;  A. O. Hunter, Treasurer; Ralph Averill, of Minneapolis, Secretary, and J. M. Lawrence, General Manager.

The Board of Directrors is made up of the follwing: D.F. Brooks, H.D. Gipson, D.L. McKay, Clyde McKay, A.O. Hunter, D.E. Hunter and J.M. Lawrence.

On Friday the final actual transfer of the Drake property and execution of the papers will take place.

D.F. Brooks represents the Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company in the deal; H.D. Gipson the Scanlon-Gipson Company; and the McKays the Christian-Mueller Company. this means that the three chisf owners of the timber near Bend now have a large interest in the townsite. The Hunters represent the D.E Hunter Realty Co. of Dayton, Ohio; they already have extensive properties at Bend.

 Source: Bend Bulletin