Power Plant Is Rushed

Work upon Bend’s new power plant Is being pushed vigorously and the excavation for foundation, done under contract with Tom Murphy, is nearing completion. Monday night J. C. Bogle, one of Kempster B. Miller’s Chicago force, arrived.  Mr. Bogle, who is an engineer, will assist T. H. Foley, the local manager of the B. W. L. & P. Co., and will have general supervision of the construction of the plant.

The building that Is being erected now will 40 by 61 feet, of which the superstructure visible above water will be 27 by 39 feet, the remainder being submerged. The completed building will house four unit each containing a turbine that will generate 350 kilowatts. The first unit, that being Installed now, will contain a 250-kilowatt turbine and generator from Schenectady, N. Y. The structural steel will be secured on the coast. Everything that can be purchased locally is being bought here.

Source: The Bend Bulletin