Dam Building Begun Friday

Thirty or Forty Men Will be Employed for Two Months on Job —
Land Clearing for Shevlin Mill Is Making Good Progress.

Construction of the dam across the Deschutes at the Shevlin-Hixon mill site began on Friday with men working at the dam on both sides of the river and a crew engaged in clearing on the bench land adjoining, a scene of activity is presented gladdening to all beholders. Other work in connection with the enterprise Is going on in the woods.

The dam building will take about two months and 30 or 40 men will be employed continuously. A coffer dam has first to be built and the construction of this is now well along, the crew working from a temporary bridge which has been put across the river. The work Is being done by M. J. Danielson, who built the dam and power house for the Bend Water, Light & Power Co. So far as possible Mr. Danielson is giving preference to local men on the work.

Rock for the dam is being hauled on each side of the river, that on the west side being obtained by blasting on a hill side in the neighborhood.

Work on the clearing is progressing. A large tract has been cleared on the bench above the river where the lumber yard will be located and work is now going on along the river bank at the saw mill site and above where the logging road will run.

Building of the spur has not yet begun but a crew from the Oregon Trunk is expected at once to rush the tracks and bridge through.

Source: The Bend Bulletin