Equipment Added To Meet Rapid Growth In Business

Two of Four Units Will be Complete by June 15.

One 500 horse power water turbine, and one 350 kilowatt generator to meet the near future demands for electrical power In Bend will be in operation at the Bend Water Light & Power Company’s power house by June 15, The turbine has arrived and is being Installed this week. The generator will leave Schenectady, New York, about May 15. In addition, to this equipment the 10 panel switchboard, which will handle the power or the plant under its four unit capacity when complete, will also be put In at the time the generator is installed.

When the new turbine and generator are in operation two of the four units will be completed, and the new plant purchased from Steldl & Tweet will provide 1,500 electrical horsepower for Bend and vicinity.

With the unprecedented growth in business in the last four months, which, according to manager T. H. Foley, has exceeded the business of any previous 12 months the additions to the plant have become imperative. The company has made a large amount of extensions to its city lines including service in Boulevard Addition, Aubrey Heights, Lytle, and Riverside Additions, Staats addition and Mill addition. Many new connections have also been made in parts of town already served by the company.

In the near future the Bend Water Light & Power Company will supply 500 electrical horsepower to the Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company for the operation of Its auxiliary plants Including tho planer and box factory.

Source: The Bend Bulletin