Changes Made At Power Plant

Old Wooden Structures Being Removed — New Embankment Being Built — General Appearance Improved — 25 Men Employed.

Under the direction of M.J. Danielson extensive improvements and additions are being made at the plant of the Bend Water Light & Power Co., calculated to improve the appearance of the grounds and arrange for the production of additional power to meet the growing demands of the town.

The work which is mostly in evidence at the present time consists in making an embankment from the end of the spur toward the power house, earth for this purpose being found on the company’s property toward the new bridge. At the same time the various wooden structures which have stood beside the flume since the new plant was built are being removed.

When the work is done the flumes will be torn away and the old embankment beside the present pond will be removed, greatly enlarging the size of the pond and bringing the water of the pond directly up to the water wheels instead of conducting it to them by flumes as at present.

Although a large portion of the company’s property will be used by enlarged pond, sufficient space will be left below the new embankment for additions as required in the future. A roadway will be built along the side of the pond passing near the end of the spur by which it will be possible to reach the creamery and ice plant.

The new water wheel is now installed and ready for attachment to the generator which will arrive some time this summer.

About 25 men are employed under Mr. Danielson.

Source: Bend Bulletin