River Falls to Old Level

river-falls-to-old-levelsMemories of the early days brought back to old timers in Bend today when they saw the Deschutes river down to its natural channel for the first time in 10 years. The level of the water had dropped more than 10 feet.

Draining of the water impounded by the power dam at Newport avenue was started on Monday by the Bend Water, Power & Light company, in order to make possible repairs at the company’s main plant here. Two of the three wheels at the plant have not been overhauled since their installations, seven years ago, and the arrival of new turbine gate to replace similar damaged equipment was the signal for lowering the river.

Source: Bend Bulletin

Praise Given Bend’s Spirit

“The city was large and great, but the people were few and the houses not yet builded.”

That was the way Bend impressed Charles A. Brown, president of the Bend Water, Light & Power company, on his first visit here, eight years ago, he declared yesterday at the Commercial club luncheon, emphasizing his point with quotations from scriptures. Now, after noting the development which the city has made, he describes the spirit of Bend as true vision, the inclination to live in the promises of the future, rather than in performances of the past.

The success of the public service corporation which he heads, Mr. Brown declared, had been due to the efficient work of T. H. Foley, who has been in charge of operations here. He announced the promotion of Mr. Foley to the general managership of the company. From the auditor’s report, submitted by Arch J. Tourtellotte of Portland, Mr. Brown quoted the statement that the Bend Water, Light & Power company is among tho best in the state, and that two of its great elements of strength lie in the utter absence of promotion graft and the friendly attitude of the people.

Mr. Foley remarked briefly that he considered the success of the company due to the men who had been willing to invest their money in earlier days, when the future at Bend was not assured.

Source: The Bend Bulletin