Will Complete Dams In Month

One month from today will see both the Crescent lake and Crane Prairie storage dams completed, which should be well ahead of any snow which would halt construction, was the statement of Will Ellis, superintendent for the United Construction Company, after visiting both construction camps Sunday. Up to this week, the possibility of completion this fall has been in doubt.

Work on other parts of the Tumalo project is proceeding at full speed, except the dam in the Deschutes at Bend, where pouring of concrete is being delayed due to the non-arrival of reinforcement steel, says Ellis. All is in readiness to begin pouring concrete as soon as the steel is received.

Work from both ends of the tunnel near Tumalo creek is now under way, Ellis reports. All of the camps are fully manned now, and men continue to apply for work, he stated.

Source: The Bend Bulletin