Take New Name As Final Step In Power Union

Merger Completed

L. R. Sheely, Vice President of New Company, Manager of Development


As the final step in the merging of electric power development interests in Central Oregon, begun with the purchase of the Deschutes Power Co. stock by the Bend Water, Light & Power Co., both corporate names pass out of existence tomorrow and jointly take the name of the Deschutes Power & Light Co.

Announcement of this new phase in power activities of the mid state region was made today by L. R. Sheely, general manager of the Bend Water, Light & Power Co., who becomes vice president and manager of the new combined interests. Coincident with his announcement came the filing of supplementary articles of incorporation in Salem for the Deschutes Power & Light Co. Tomorrow the names of the Bend Water, Light & Power Co. and the Deschutes Power Co. will have passed into history.

Change Explained

Reasons for the change, as explained by Sheely, were first seen after the company operating in Bend sold its domestic water rights and water distribution system to the city. The old corporate designation became a misnomer at that time. Purchase of the Deschutes Power Co. was followed by combining the two companies not merely as to ownership and organization, but in actual physical connection. As the first important move in this connection is the construction of the high tension line between Bend and Redmond, tying in all power plants in Central Oregon, and offering the advantage of all to each of the communities which now enjoy, or which may enjoy electric service.

This merging offered an additional reason why a name should be chosen which would be applicable to both of the companies merged, and after long consideration the one now being filed at Salem was decided on.

Officers of the new company are: Guy W. Talbot, president; John A. Laing, vice president; L. R. Sheely, vice president and manager; C. W. Platt, secretary and treasurer; M. J. Wilkinson, assistant secretary and assistant treasurer; F. Dement, H. A. Miller, H. E. Allen, R. S. Hamilton, L. R. Sheely, John A. Laing and Guy W. Talbot, directors.

Source: The Bend Bulletin ©1926