Fourth of July Events Planned

Climaxed by a river pageant ever more picturesque than that of 1934, Bend is to sponsor another all-Oregon Fourth of July celebration this year. M.P. Cashman was named general chairman of the event at a committee meeting. Various committee chairmen are to be announced in the near future.

This year’s celebration is to be a two-day affair on July 3 and 4, preceded on the night of July 2 by a prize fight and dances.

One of the highlights this year will be a two-day rodeo, with prizes to be offered that will attract to Bend leading riders and rangemen of eastern Oregon. Other features of the celebration will include a frontier parade, in which Indians, cowboys and cowgirls will take part; a parade of pets for the special benefit of children, ball games and dances.

The Mirror Pond river pageant, a water feature that has already attracted statewide attention, will be held on the river while fireworks blaze in the sky over Bend. Last year’s water pageant attracted to Bend the greatest crowd ever to witness a spectacle in the eastern part of the state, the Pendleton Roundup alone excepted. It was estimated that around 14,000 people watched the majestic floats as they moved slowly down the picturesque Mirror Pond last July.

Members of the committee are confident they can put on a “show” this July that will be even better than that of last year.

Source: Bend Bulletin

Clyde and Lela Keep Their Old Homestead

swans-homeOld Folks of Swan Family Set Up Housekeeping as Usual, Establishing Calm

Recognizing that family rights should be given priority over any further attempt to enhance the beauty of Bend’s Mirror Pond by bringing in young swans, the Kiwanis Club today announced that “Clyde” and “Lela” will not be disturbed.

The two parental swans, it has developed, have established their spring home at their usual place in the tules below the Tumalo bridge, and “Lela” is now nesting on eggs from which will emerge another brood of cygnets.

With the family rights of “Clyde” and “Lela” now acknowledged, the Kiwanians are still at a loss as to what to do with the four young swans. It appears that these birds will be placed in the power dam forebay. However, no promise is being made that the birds will remain there.

Source: Bend Bulletin

Clyde and Lela Must Remain Below Bridge


Pugnaciuos Swans to Have Realm of Their Own in Forebay Above Power Dam

The Mirror Pond’s pugnacious swans, “Clyde” and “Lela,” are to be placed in a miniature refuge in the power dam forebay immediately below the Newport Avenue bridge, it was announced today, when means of isolating the battling birds from young swans that are to be placed on the mirror pond were approved. Work on a screen under the bridge, to keep the parental swans from returning upstream, was to be started this afternoon. The two swans will be herded by boat into this enclosure.

Steps to remove the two old swans from the Mirror Pond were taken after the Kiwanis trapped four of the old orchard swans with the intention of placing these birds in the scenic pond upstream. It was then decided that “Clyde” and “Lela” would drive the younger birds out of the pond, so the deportation of the old birds was approved. The two old swans have started a nest in the “island” below the Tumalo avenue bridge.

J. Alton Thompson, who has been making a close study of mirror pond birds lately, reports that there are now 16 or 17 swans on the Deschutes river. Reports were received that one of the old orchard swans was dead, but this report had not been verified this morning.

The clubmen hope to take all the young swans and one older bird from the old orchard into the mirror pond. Four swans are still downstream.

Source: Bend Bulletin