Mirror Pond Swan Killed

Bend’s rapidly diminishing flock of swans suffered another loss yesterday afternoon when one of the graceful birds in a love flight over the Mirror pond struck a power line over Drake Park footbridge and was killed.

The bird fell into the river and was sighted by a group of Little League baseball boys, who, without realizing the swan was dead, launched a rescue attempt, by boat. The bird was brought ashore, where riverside residents ascertained it had suffered a broken neck.

The swan is believed to have been one of the pair that made its home on the main Mirror pond.

Loss of swans through accidents has been common through the years, residents of the riverside years, residents of the riverside area point out. However, they add, the losses have been replaced by new broods of cygnets. In the past few years, since the flow of the Deschutes through Bend has been increased by the big head of water from Wickiup reservoir, all cygnets that have hatched off the Mirror pond have been swept over the power dam.

With a few exceptions, all cygnets that have gone over the dam have died on the rocks and in the white water below.

Source: Bend Bulletin