Plans taking final shape for 1962 Mirror Pond Pageant

A program for Bend’s 1962 Mirror Pond Pageant, to be presented on July 27, 28 and 29, was taking final shape today as the framework of a huge arch loomed over the fete scene, the Deschutes River.

Through that arch, of entirely new design, will move floats that will depict “America’s Moments of Greatness,” from the time the Pilgrims landed until John Glenn orbited the earth.

Pageant committeemen, headed by Dick Maudlin, said script for this year’s pageant is being prerecorded. Included will be Lincoln’s second inaugural address narrated by Richard Boone of “Have Gun, Will Travel” fame.

Working on Script

Other portions of the script will be taped by members of the Bend Community Players and various Bend residents. John Stenkamp of KBND is writing the script.

This year’s river fete is being prepared as a Pacific Northwest event, with travelers to and from the Seattle World’s Fair being invited to stop over to view a water fete considered unique on the continent.

Floats to be presented in the pageant are being built by professional decorators, J.W. Huserik and Sons, Inc., Portland.

As preparations for the pageant moved into high gear for the first showing on Friday night, July 27, Maudlin said work parties will be on the job each night for the remainder of the week and on Saturday and Sunday. He said more volunteer help is needed.

Maudlin said outside groups taking part in the fete will include the colorful “Vikings” who seasonally present a Scandinavian festival in Junction City.

Highlights Listed

Square dancing, American Legion baseball games, art exhibits, a gem and geology show, a buckaroo breakfast and a golf tournament will highlight this year’s program.

The pet parade, one of the top features of the river fetes of former years when they were held over the Fourth of July holidays, will again be held this year, at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 28. Children of Central Oregon are being invited to groom their pets for this event, most colorful of all uptown attractions in connection with the pageant.

Source: The Bend Bulletin ©1962

Tumalo Avenue bridge opens

The new Tumalo Avenue bridge was opened to traffic today noon, with a considerable line of cars waiting passage over the span.

The Tumalo Avenue route had been closed to travel since June 11, when work on the state-constructed bridge started.

Although cars and pedestrians are now passing over the bridge, it is not completed. Work remaining to be done includes construction of guard railing.

Cars were being permitted to mover over the span under a “slow bell” operation.

Source: The Bend Bulletin ©1962