Dredge project gets official nod

After a month of waiting, the city of Bend finally has received a letter of agreement from the federal government that will allow the dredging of Mirror Pond.

City Manager Art Johnson said he received the letter this morning. It is an agreement between the city and the state Department of Environmental Quality, which is administering a $150,000 grant to the city from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Johnson said he will sign it and hand-deliver it back to the DEQ office in Portland on Friday.

The letter was a prerequisite for the dredging work, because any work done before it was signed would not have been covered by the grant.

Johnson said he hopes the work can start by the beginning of September. However, he won’t know when work can begin until he meets with an EPA official from Seattle to review a checklist of things the city must do to comply with federal environmental regulations.

After that meeting, the city will draw up specifications for the work and solicit bids.

The $150,000 represents half of the estimated cost of the entire project. The other half will be contributed from local sources. The city and the Bend Metro Park and Recreation District will each pay $50,000. Pacific Power & Light Co. will contribute $30,000 and the remaining $20,000 will come from community donations.

Although the money comes from the federal government, the state has an agreement with the EPA to dole out the grant money to the city as necessary until the project is done.


Source: The Bulletin