Local Fleet Increases

Boaters paddle Mirror Pond in Bend circa 1910. Courtesy Des Chutes Historical Museum
Boaters paddle Mirror Pond in Bend. July, 1910.  Courtesy Des Chutes Historical Museum

local-fleet-increasesSaturday last witnessed the launching of Herbert Allen’s new craft, the “Elf,” upon the waters of the Deschutes. Charles Stanborrough built the “goodly vessel,” which is a clinker-built row boat 16 ft. in length, of beautiful design and workmanship. Despite the protests of interested friends no ceremony accompanied the launching, nor was any champagne or even near beer broken over the prow of the infant Dreadnaught as, sliding from the ways of the Stanborrough ship yard, she felt “a thrill of life along her keel.”

In the first days of this week two more boats have been added to the fast growing fleet on “Park Lake.” After a dusty cruise from Shaniko a row boat arrived for Mrs. Drake. Also a canoe, owned by J. T. Robinson and G. P. Putnam. Counting H.J. Overturf’s “Liza Jane,” formerly the property af A. F. Shireman, and “Cleopatra’s Barge,” as the work scow which has been at large on the pond since the completion of the dam is styled, the local fleet now numbers seven craft, not to mention several more which it is reported are under consideration.

Source: Bend Bulletin-1910-08-03

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