Don’t study Mirror Pond, dredge it

Are you kidding me? For three years, five separate entities have been meeting about how to address the sediment in Mirror Pond. Three years! The resounding “pop” when these groups finally pull collective heads out of that very dark place will be heard around the entire region.

Just as the Eiffel Tower is the iconic symbol for Paris and the Golden Gate Bridge is the iconic symbol for San Francisco, Mirror Pond is the iconic symbol for Bend, and rightly so.

The only acceptable solution for Mirror Pond is to dredge it. The only questions should be when to do it and how to pay for it. Those “should” be the only remaining questions, but these five groups cannot even agree on which entity is responsible for the pond. My God. Make the city of Bend responsible and get on with it.

According to The Bulletin article, one of the key questions is “who would pay for the further study of dredging.” Further studies! How about reviewing how it was done in 1984 and what the results were. There might be some hints there.

I suggest we ask for bids from all dredging companies in the Pacific Northwest, requiring them to submit a basic plan along with their bid. If theirs is the winning bid, have them engineer the project.

The government entities here in Central Oregon have unfortunately become a microcosm of our national gridlock. Is there nobody in town with a strong enough character to take control of this?

Dennis Flannery

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