Swan Population Swells to 7

The swan population of Bend’s Mirror Pond stood at seven today, following the arrival of three birds of wide wing spread that joined the four imported last year from the East.

Arrival of the strangers caused quite a stir on the Mirror Pond, with the unrest continuing this morning when the three strangers, drifting downstream, met the four easterners near the Drake Park footbridge. There was an exchange of greetings in a ceremonial in which two of the big white birds touched bills.

Then the three strangers took off, winging upstream. The four Mirror Pond residents, their wings clipped, attempted to take off, but, with one exception, were only able to skim the water. The exception was a swan with a partly clipped wing that got airborne, then made a forced landing in the area of the Bob Thomas residence on Harmon.

The swan wandered into the Tumalo Avenue Bridge area and temporarily halted 7:30 a.m. traffic. An unidentified woman in the area flagged down traffic and aided the swan to get over the bridge and back into the river from the east side.

Dr. J.C. Vandevert said the three strange birds landed in the Mirror Pond Sunday afternoon.

The visiting swans, it is the belief of W.A. Lackaff, Riverside resident, were from the upper mill pond area, where five out of a brood of seven from last spring’s hatch survived and are now big birds.

Despite the unrest when the strange swans moved into the Mirror Pond, there was no fighting, river-edge residents report.

Source: Bend Bulletin ©1961

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