Steering Committee Minutes 9-18-2012


Attendance: Bill Smith, Angela Jacobson, Don Horton, Mel Oberst, Matt Shinderman, Joy Cooper (student intern), Hilary B (media)

  • Discussed the possibility of hiring a special project manager to do permitting for Mirror Pond, to be paid by Bend Parks and Rec District
    • Went over the potential scope of work for the manager
  • Continued discussion of the financial commitment by City and Bend Parks and Rec District
    • If a project manager were hired, the other funds previously committed could be expended on professional services
  • The District could assist in the public process to keep cost down
  • Matt has access to a University of Oregon architectural graduate student who could help with the planning process and design work
  • Matt spoke with Bend 2030 Management Board about collaborating with OSU Cascades to run public outreach process, will pursue this topic further
  • Continued the discussion on a special district option

Adjourned @ 1:00PM

Document: MPSC-Minutes-2012-09-18

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