Steering Committee Minutes 8-6-2012


Attendance: Bill Smith, Angela Jacobson, Bruce Ronning (BPRD), Mel Oberst, Greg Blackmore, Matt Shinderman, Joy Cooper (student intern), Dylan Darling, Bend Bulletin

Discussion of $200,000 Commitment by City and Bend Parks and Rec District

  • Talked about using funds for alternative analysis, permitting requirements and public outreach

Tom Atkins is a landscape architect who may be able to prepare conceptual drawings of potential MP solutions

  • Matt will contact Tom to discuss

Need protocols for decision-making

  • Convene Park Board, City Council and Mirror Pond Management Board (MPMB) in a work session to discuss MP solutions and visioning Conceptual drawings are needed prior to this discussion

Matt will engage the 2030 Management Board about community outreach
The committee needs to resolve the legal questions regarding ownership and permitting requirements

  • Bill will contact the McKays (owners)
  • Mel will work with Mary Winters (City attorney) on legal issues

Greg spoke regarding MP issues

  • Need to define purpose and need statement for permit process
  • Need a statement to discuss MP with the public
  • Full blown NEPA process costs $500,000, which was the cost projected by the earlier study

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