Steering Committee Minutes 6-4-2012


June 4, 2012
Awbrey Butte Conference Room
Bend City Hall
710 NW Wall Street, Bend

Attendance: Bill Smith, Angela Jacobson, Don Horton, Mel Oberst, Greg Blackmore

1. Update on Park District Bond Measure (Don Horton)

/District has held a series of open houses and an on-line web survey regarding the proposed bond measure. Open houses were fairly well attended and participants generally supported the bond measure. Approximately 500 on-line surveys were submitted, survey results were more mixed. Mirror Pond seemed to be the most polarizing project on the bond measure list. It is expected that the Park District Board will discuss the bond at the June 19 meeting and make a decision on whether (and how) to proceed at that meeting or in early July.

2. Information Regarding Meeting with State Agencies (Greg Blackmore)

/Meeting is scheduled for June 13 from 1-4. Meeting was initiated by ODFW and DSL, through discussions with Ryan Houston. The intent of the meeting is to begin dialogue with the policy/decision making bodies and ensure that the permitting agencies concerns are involved in the discussion early in the process. MPSC is open to discussion with agencies, but expressed concerns related to narrowly focused project review (myopic focus), a concern about project creep, and overly exhaustive study  requirements. Keeping the meeting on-task and contained to Mirror Pond will be important for a meaningful discussion. MPSC posed questions related to the minimum amount of study needed and the availability of funds from agencies to support their agency mission. MPSC directed staff to prepare the questions for the agencies review prior to the meeting.

3. Update on Sediment / Water Quality Research (Greg Blackmore)

/GB has been researching City data related to sediment and water quality and is preparing a memorandum that summarizes the data. BS indicated that sediment from the 1984 dredge in addition to subsequent Old Mill projects will document that the sediment is clean. It is anticipated that a report that combines 1984 dredge information, Old Mill study information, and City water quality and sediment evaluation will be necessary for the property owners and the responsible jurisdiction to enter into a shared liability agreement, or indemnification arrangement.

In addition to the indemnification/liability issue, BS expressed concerns related to the amount of study that agencies could require. It was discussed that at time of submittal, rather than ask the agencies what sort of sediment evaluation is necessary, that a thorough report, including a reasonable amount of sediment analysis be provided. In the event the permitting agencies request additional studies and assessments, an appeal to reasonable and adequate scientific assessment could be made.

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