Steering Committee Minutes 4-2-2012


April 2, 2012
Awbrey Butte Conference Room
Bend City Hall
710 NW Wall Street, Bend

Attendance: Bill Smith, Angela Jacobson, Bruce Ronning, Greg Blackmore

1. Update on ownership / indemnity issues (Bill Smith);
• background on sediment testing completed in the Old Mill river stretch
• background on potential sources of sediment pollutants in Mirror Pond
• establishment of tasks to determine the reasonable likelihood of pollutants in the Mirror Pond sediment

– Tasks:
1) review best available City data
2) supplement City data as necessary with additional tests

2. Discussion of BPRD survey results and bond measure plans (Bruce Ronning)
• District has not yet determined whether to pursue a Bond at this time
• If a Bond is pursued,
– it could be placed on the November 2012 ballot
– the District believes that it has the greatest chance of passing if the additional cost per household is less than $50 on average, resulting in less than a $30 million bond
– the District will likely be willing to include a Mirror Pond assessment project if a bond is pursued. The intent of a Mirror Pond assessment project would likely be to determine the best way to protect Mirror Pond. Such a project could include public outreach and education, along with the establishment of a preferred alternative.

3. Update on DSL / USACE 404 (b)(1) Permitting process (Greg Blackmore)
• Regardless of the specific project design, the application for any fill, removal, or relocation of sediment within Mirror Pond will require a number of specific items, reports, and/or elements of documentation.
• An initial breakdown of each of the needed items, in addition to a rough
estimate of time and cost was provided to the committee.

4. Upcoming Mirror Pond Management Board discussion (Group)
• The Committee suggested that it would be useful for BPRD to update the
MPMB on the results of the survey and the potential actions to be taken
by the District.
• The Committee suggested that breakdown of needed items (regardless of
the project) be revised and presented to the MPMB. Guidance should be
sought on whether to pursue any of the items at this time.

Document: MPSC-Minutes-2012-04-02

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