Steering Committee Minutes 3-5-2012


Attendance: Bill Smith, Angie Jacobson, Matt Shinderman, Don Horton, Greg Blackmore, Neil Bryant and Mel Oberst

1. Discussed BPRD survey results
a. Survey of 400 likely voters
b. 42% yes – 45% no vote to support dredging without any info on Mirror
c. 56% yes – 44% no vote to support dredging when they received info on
Mirror Pond benefits
d. 33% thought Mirror Pond dredging is important
e. When the word “dredging” was replaced with “protection”:
i. Dredging 33% in favor to 50% in favor of protecting
ii. 71% convinced of value of bond
iii. 72% want long term fix – for “protection” of Mirror Pond benefits
iv. 39% favor special district and 32% favor a bond measure
v. Putting MP on same ballot with BPRD bond will not be successful
f. Neil said results under subsection c above needed to be above 70% for a
successful campaign to do anything for MP

2. Discussed meeting with Corps and Dept. of State Land (DSL) by Greg and
a. Modify dam for fish passage estimated at $1 Million- favored by DSL
b. Power production at PP dam will not warrant fish passage cost –therefore
cost of passage would be a cost of the Mirror Pond project
c. DSL – wants a thorough evaluation of impacts
d. Corps is not concerned like DSL
e. ODFW – Brent and Mike are concerned about impacts if fish are
reintroduced and/or for existing fish populations in the reach, particularly
for native Redband trout
f. No EIS or NEPA process is required by either agency
g. Environmental impact analysis is not required by DSL but an alternative
analysis is required with one option being no build. A formal NEPA EIS is
not required unless we seek federal funds for the project which then
triggers NEPA.

3. Discussed Mirror Pond ownership, options and concerns
a. Indemnification
b. Property taxes
c. Insurance policy
d. Gift of pond to district

4. Need to do alternative analysis as well as community involvement, but in what

5. Put $ in BPRD bond measure to do alternative study – Board would need to

6. Take $ in MP fund to do a values assessment community outreach

7. Matt will check with Jean Lawson & Associates (JLA) to assess what work can be done for $30,000 8. Bill will work with property owner

9. Spencer Dahl proposal for sluice gates on the PP dam
a. Will scour channel but not sediment deposition areas
b. Coffer dams near dam impede sluice gate operations

10. Next meeting April 2nd

11. Set up MPMB meeting first two weeks in April

Document: MPSC-Minutes-2012-03-05

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