Steering Committee Minutes 2-1-2012


Attendance: Bill Smith, Angie Jacobson, Matt Shinderman, Bruce Ronning, Greg Blackmore and Mel Oberst

  1. Debriefed minutes of the Management Board meeting
  2. Discussed draft questions on the Park District survey to be undertaken in February – results will be reviewed in March
  3. Discussed the ownership of the pond and the requirements of the owner’s to have someone indemnify them from harm during any work in the pond
  4. Discussed a community outreach program – Greg to draft one for the next meeting and to be reviewed by the Management Board in their March meeting
  5. Discussed public information venues to be used to inform the public about the facts of Mirror Pond – i.e. City newsletter, City website, City cable show “city view”, Park District newsletter, and ‘in my view’ editorials in the Bulletin. Matt agreed to draft an editorial for the Bulletin for review by the SC.
  6. Agreed to meet monthly on Mondays. Gina Dahl will doodle everyone for best time.

Document: MPSC-Minutes-2012-02-01

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