Steering Committee Minutes 12-17-2010

Mirror Pond Siltation Project, Phase 1A
Bend, Oregon

Steering Committee Meeting

SC Meeting: 001
Meeting Date: 12.17.10 @ 1:00 PM


Attendees: [x] denotes present
[X] Mel Oberst /MO
[ ] Eric King /EK
[X] Angela Jacobson /AJ
[X] Don Horton /DH
[X] Bill Smith /BS
[X] Matt Shinderman /MS
[X] Michael McLandress /MM

MM described Job Cost Report, a tool used to track job cost relative to progress, It will help highlight Tasks that may take more time than allotted.

OWEB reimbursement- no discussion.
Post-meeting note: after email correspondence with SC, MS from B2030 will coordinate and forward MPSC’s final response to Mike Riley, B2030 Treasurer, for decision on reimbursement.

MM provided 3-month overview showing intermittent TAC “work sessions” for refining the Alternative Analysis scope of work, and subsequent MPMB meetings for “final draft” presentation, discussions at key decision-making points in the process. Schedule anticipates possible early-March final draft submittal to MB.

1. #2A- Technical Advisory Committee (TAC):
MM presented proposed TAC members for Tasks 2, 3, 4. This list was also presented to SC members in rough draft form at the individual SC meeting sessions held over recent two weeks. Some names were added since then. MM described the concept of the TAC formation, which is based on a “long list” of members with technical expertise, and shall be resources for MM to draw from in refining scope and budget and eventual RFP during the Phase 1A process. A small “working group” from the TAC will be selected by MM to help complete
Task #3A&B – (“Review and Refine Scope of Services and Budget for SubK”).
Once the working group refines the draft scope, it will be issued to the TAC for iterative comment and refinement as called for. SC agreed no written invitations were necessary to “formalize” TAC candidates. MM will refine TAC list further based on this meeting’s discussions and submit to SC for final approval.

Oregon Regulatory Agency TAC:
It was discussed of the importance to begin building relationships with the
various permitting and regulatory agencies such as ODFW, DEQ, DSL,
ODWRD. MM will research key personnel and develop those contacts, adding
some to the TAC for agency representation.

#3A&B – Review and Refine Scope of Services and Budget for SubK:
MM noted first “working session” to begin refining scope and budget is set for Dec 22nd, with TAC members John Runyan of ICF, Ryan Houston of UDWC. DH felt using Runyon and Houston poses possible bias issues and suggested an outside consultant be selected to render a second review and opinion. MS agreed with DH. MM will provide second consultant to SC for approval. Schedule anticipates an approx. 7-week duration for the scope and budget refinement process

Local Stakeholders:
MM suggested pulling together a “local” Public Stakeholder meeting comprised of just the landowners adjacent to MP. It is felt this meeting is important to partner with and provide a voice to these key public stakeholders during the refinement process. SC agreed, and MM will arrange and inform SC of that meeting.

#4A – Write RFP for SubK for Alternatives Analysis:
It is anticipated that the RFP will resemble in style and format much like the recent RFP issued for the Colorado Street/Whitewater Park. Similarly, the MP RFP will not be prescriptive in context or format, and will be written based on desired outcomes necessary for an Alternatives Analysis process required of NEPA.


Document: MPSC-Minutes-2010-12-17

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