Barks and Quacks

To the Ed!tor:

Your editorial on the Duck and Dog situation is all in favor of the ducks and therefore the case is half stated from your point of view. As to your solution it would merely mean another law as to whether dogs would be tied up or not; an arbitrary imposition of a mere majority over a large minority.

The mirror pond and the ducks are public property. The interest in these things of beauty is very intense to those owning property along the water front. But the interest decreases, in the same proportion with the distance, to those not on the river. To these latter the interest in dogs and their freedom is intense, and to prove it they pay a dog license. It is quite safe to say that there isn’t one dog out of 50 in these districts who ever gets to the river and molests the ducks. On the other hand it is safe to say that out of 10 dogs whose owners live near the river two of them will be guilty of bothering the ducks. To tie up eight dogs for the sins of two might be reasonable enough but to tie up 49 dogs for the sins of one is going too far.

To those who live near the water ducks are an asset to the scenery but to the majority a duck is something to kill and put in the pot. It is different with dogs. Dogs are one of the family. The parents of children might not be so devoted to the dogs but the children are. A pet dog eats candy and cookies, drinks from the same cup and many times sleeps in the same bed as does the child. You can’t say that for a duck! And to tie up such a dog in marble time is as painful to the child as tying up his kid brother. After all a duck is only a duck but a dog is a dog in anyones’s yard and in the heart of the owner. And I think the city papas will do well to remember this if they would get along with the municipal family.

Yes, I have a solution and if it is put into effect I promise to abide by it just as willingly as I will fight against the present set-up. Here it is: Put a $25 fine on the owner of a dog caught on the river and if he doesn’t pay, kill the dog. Give half or all the fine to someone hired to patrol the mirror pond.

In this way the guilty will pay and at the same time do away with the present tactics of punishing one hundred for the sins of one.

Signed, Geo R. Brick.


Source: The Bend Bulletin ©1938

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