Letter wrong on silt

It amazes me that so much blatant misinformation is regularly printed for public consumption. The specific piece that prompted this letter was written by Robert Fouse, and published as an “In My View” article on Jan. 4.

In it, Fouse brings forth the idea that individual community members dredge Mirror Pond using 5-gallon buckets and haul the “wonderful” dirt home for garden use. The first problem is his claim that a 5-gallon bucket holds 2.5 cubic feet of dirt, when it’s actually two-thirds of one cubic foot, only 27 percent as much. This means it would take 373 percent as many buckets as he calculates to do the job.

The second problem is that the silt deposited in desert rivers is usually sterile degraded rock that won’t grow anything initially, but is colonized over time by pioneering species. These plants stabilize and enhance the soil so that later generational species can make use of it. Silt is definitely not in the same class as compost in the benefits provided to a garden.

My wish is that a public informational source such as The Bulletin would do at least a minimum examination of the “facts” given to it before blindly publishing erroneous information.

Mark Rubbert

Source: The Bulletin

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