Mirror Pond is Filled and Placid

Bend’s mirror pond is again full and placid today, with ducks, swans and geese swimming back and forth across the basin that for 12 days was covered by unsightly mud flats. The power dam flood gates were closed yesterday afternoon and the huge pond rapidly filled.

The pond was drained nearly two weeks ago to permit contractors to sink footings for the Newport avenue bridge piers. While the water was low, the contractors used three shifts daily on the bridge.

Mired in the mud while water was out of the pond, the “Queen of the Deschutes”, Fourth of July float, floated again as the pond attained its normal level.

It is believed the draining of the pond will solve the aquatic weed problem for the current year, although it is believed that hot weather would have resulted in a far greater mortality.

Source: Bend Bulletin ©1936

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