Footbridge To Be Built Here

A contract for the construction of a new footbridge was awarded by the city commission to Luther Metke last night. A price of $734 was set, and September 1 was fixed as the date on which the bridge must be completed.

Timbers for the bridge have been on the ground at the west end of the present span for some time. They were prepared under a SERA project.

The new bridge will be of rustic type, with driven pile supports. It will be 8 feet wide, with a clear walk of 7 feet, and about 300 feet long. Two light standards will be placed on the bridge, 100 feet apart and 100 feet from each end.

Redecking of the Newport Avenue bridge was started yesterday, and the bridge will be closed to traffic the rest of the week. The Tumalo Avenue bridge was redecked several weeks ago.

Source: Bend Bulletin

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