Clyde and Lela Keep Their Old Homestead

swans-homeOld Folks of Swan Family Set Up Housekeeping as Usual, Establishing Calm

Recognizing that family rights should be given priority over any further attempt to enhance the beauty of Bend’s Mirror Pond by bringing in young swans, the Kiwanis Club today announced that “Clyde” and “Lela” will not be disturbed.

The two parental swans, it has developed, have established their spring home at their usual place in the tules below the Tumalo bridge, and “Lela” is now nesting on eggs from which will emerge another brood of cygnets.

With the family rights of “Clyde” and “Lela” now acknowledged, the Kiwanians are still at a loss as to what to do with the four young swans. It appears that these birds will be placed in the power dam forebay. However, no promise is being made that the birds will remain there.

Source: Bend Bulletin

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