Will Have Swans On Mirror Pond

mirror-pond-swansGiven serious consideration in Bend for a number of years and recommended by several of the local civic organizations, the matter of securing swans for the “mirror pond” of the Deschutes river, in the heart of this city, has finally materialized, and swans, in all probability, will be floating over the Deschutes in the not distant future.

Materialization  of the plans to  secure swans, at least six of them for the mirror pond, which reflects the distant snow capped mountains of the Three Sisters group and the pines bordering the river, was the result of action just taken by the Deschutes Rod and Gun club. A letter was today sent to E. F. Averill, state game warden, requesting the assistance of his office in securing some of the stately birds.

Six swans will he placed in the Deschutes, if this number can he secured, state officers of the sportsmen’s organization. The rod and gun club has the assurance or a number of local people that the birds will be fed and protected if they are placed on that placid, stretch of the Deschutes just above the Newport avenue bridge and below the Tumalo foot bridge. John Cunningham, local contractor, has offered his services in constructing a sheltering house for the swans on the Deschutes.

The swans will probably be secured through the state game commission from Ray Steele, federal game warden. If it is necessary, the local sportsmen’s organization will buy the swans.

Source: Bend Bulletin ©1926


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