Dredging district borders attacked

Property owners on Riverside Boulevard do not want to help pay for dredging the Deschutes River in downtown Bend, they said at a neighborhood meeting Thursday.

Property on the boulevard was included in the proposed Local Improvement District which would finance the project.

A district must be formed and a formula of assessments worked out before the work can start, Tom Gellner, a Bend city engineer, said today. The project is targeted for next April, May and June.

The city’s Mirror Pond Committee and the Bend Metro Park and Recreation District board outlined mechanics of forming the LID and a tentative formula for determining assessments at a meeting Wednesday.

The LID would include property on both sides of the river from the Tumalo Bridge to the power dam area north of Newport Avenue.

The park district agreed to increase its share of the $300,000 cost to $175,000. Parks occupy 42 percent of the property in the proposed district.

A proposal from the Mirror Pond Committee for establishment of a sliding scale for assessments also was accepted.

But some 15 Riverside Boulevard residents, at their own meeting, said they don’t feel they should be included in the district because their property does not have river frontage. Drake Park occupies property between the river and the boulevard.

A group of Brooke Street property owners, mostly business people, had no objections to proposed district boundaries, Gellner said. They discussed the project at a breakfast meeting Thursday.

“Everybody agrees that the work needs to be done,” Gellner said. It’s just a question of working out the details, and getting petitions circulated for formation of the LID.”

Source: The Bulletin ©1982

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