Electricity On

Bend is Lighted by Big Plant — No Hitch at Start —
New Water Pump to be Installed with Greater Capacity.

Last Wednesday* evening Bend’s first electric lights were turned on, and the initial water power to be harnessed from the Deschutes River was put to practical use. Bend now has In successful operation not only the finest electric plant in Central Oregon, but the local system in every respect is as thoroughly equipped as any plant of even larger capacity in the state.  There are now over five miles of pole wire strung upon 85 poles and another mile for connections with buildings.

The readiness with which the business men have contracted to wire their buildings is proof that Bend will be the best lighted city anywhere in Central Oregon. Equipment has arrived for 10 arc lights which noon will be placed on the principal corners, and It is understood that in a short time a lighting system will be devised for the residence districts.

It is understood that in the neighborhood of $40,000 has been expended by the Bend Water Light & Power Co. in the construction of the dam and power plant, exclusive of the installation of the very considerable outside wiring equipment. Many delays and difficulties were encountered and overcome since the inauguration of construction last October, freighting cement 100 miles at two cents a pound made one, not to mention the difficulty of securing labor in the early stages of the undertaking.

The equipment which has been installed to date consists of a 30-Kilowot exciter generator and a 100-Kilowot Bullock generator. The water wheel develops 264 horsepower, although the generators require but 135. The plant demands the services of two men, operating as it now is.

The station building is also expected to house the pumping plant, which will be installed as soon as the new 2-step 5000-gallon-per-minute pump arrives. This apparatus will double the capacity of the present water system, and by employing the pump now in use the capacity will be trebled.  There are already more than 375 lights in use, and as soon as the remainder of the buildings for which contracts have been taken can be connected up there will be over 500.

For the present the power will be on from 4:30 p. in. until midnight, and from 4 to 8 a. m. Thus far the following have had wiring installed:

Williams Bros., J. F. Taggert & Co., John Legat, Patteron Drug Co,, Biljou Theatre, Anton Aune, Linster’s Theatre, R. M. Smith Clothing Co., Star Bakery, Central Oregon Realty Co., E. A. Sather, The Home Restaurant, S, C. Caldwell, First National Bank, Pilot Butte Livery Stable, Bend Hardware Co.. Post Office, Hotel Bend, F. C. Rowlee, Hoteling 1 Bldg., Bowling Alley, Chapman Bldg., Aune’s Hotel, Eggleston Bldg., Johnson Bldg., K. of P. Hall, A. T. Frame, A. C. Lucas, A. M. Lara, Millard Triplett, L. R. Baird, Mrs. Waite, R. B. Matrig, Fred Hunnell and Austrivnako Svratiahte.

Source: Bend Bulletin

Mirror Pond Editor’s note: “Last Wednesday” is November 2, 1910.

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