Fishways Work To Start Soon

Construction Planned to Open Entire Deschutes to Salmon–
Screening of Ditches Ordered to Save Trout of Central Oregon.


Preparatory to the installation of fish ladders for salmon in the Deschutes river, provided for by appropriation by the last legislature, Master Fish Warden R. E. Clanton and State Game Warden Carl D. Shoemaker will, in company with Deputy District Warden W. O. Hadley, make an inspection of the fishway sites about the end of the present month, Mr. Hadley announced here this morning. They will also take steps to have the ladder at the C. O. I. dam thoroughly overhauled.

The building of fish ladders at Cline falls, Steelhead falls and Big falls has been advocated for several years past by Mr. Hadley, who saw the need of increasing the available spawning grounds for salmon, and at the same time filling the Deschutes river with the great food fish. The construction of ladders will in effect, remove the natural obstacles which have kept the salmon from coming into the upper river.

High Water Hinders.

High water has prevented a careful study of conditions at the falls, necessary before the exact location and specifications for the ladders can be decided on, but by the end of the month it is believed that the river will be low enough to permit an inspection by state officials. Construction is to start shortly afterward. One ladder large enough to permit the passage of salmon has already been constructed by the Bend Water, Light & Power Co. at the power dam in Bend, and Mr. Hadley expressed himself as being well satisfied with the new fishway.

Another way in which the resources of Central Oregon’s streams may be protected is by the careful screening of irrigation ditches, and within a few days the state ditch superintendent will arrive in Bend to look after this phase of the work. Probably the greatest need is on the Squaw Creek ditch, Mr. Hadley says.

New Law Important.

Mr. Hadley emphasized particularly the need for sportsmen to familiarize themselves with the 1919 fish and game laws. …

A number of copies of the synopsis of the 1919 laws have been left at The Bulletin office, and may be secured here by sportsmen as long as the supply last.

Source: Bend-Bulletin-5-22-1919

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