Body of Harry G. Clement Taken From River Late This Morning

RIVER YIELDS BODY – Located by P. G. Hundley and Hugh Dugan, who were working on the pageant arch piers, the body of Harry Clement was removed from tho Deschutes river shortly before noon today. Pictured here placing tho body in the boat are Lowell Wing, at left, and Fire Chief Vernon Carlon. Part of the arch pier is shown.

The body of Harry G. Clement, 70, janitor for two Bend churches who had been missing since Monday, was found shortly before noon today, in the Deschutes river below the Drake Park footbridge.

Clement on Monday wrote a long letter to his pastor, Rev. Dean Poindexter, and added a postscript. In that postscript, Clement said he would end his life by jumping from “the footbridge.”

It is believed he jumped from the Drake Park bridge. The body lodged against one of the piers used in anchoring the Mirror Pond pageant arches.

This morning, while crews with grappling hooks cruised over the rapidly lowering Mirror Pond, two men were at work sawing off the tops of the arch piers. As they worked on the east unit of the pair of piers, they spotted the body, head of which was bobbing above the water.

Working on the arch pier, and locating the body were Hugh Dugan and P. G. Hundley. Cruising nearby in a boat were Fire Chief Vernon Carlon and Lowell Wing.

They brought the body to shore, at the east end of the Drake Park bridge.

In his note to Rev. Poindexter, Clement left instructions as to the disposal of his property. He indicated he was suffering from cancer.

As the search got under way yesterday and continued this morning, the Mirror pond was reduced to expansive mud flats. Grappling work was halted at dusk yesterday evening, and continued early this morning.

Grappling crews had several times explored the area of the pageant piers, but because of the murky water, were unable to see the body.

Because there are two footbridges over the Deschutes in Bend, at Gilchrist avenue upstream and in the Drake park area, there was some confusion as to the span Clement mentioned in his note.

As a result. the search covered the entire Mirror Pond.

Funeral arrangements have not been made.

Source: Bend Bulletin ©1955

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