End to pond dredging expected late tonight

You may hear a few cheers on Mirror Pond tonight.

Workers are expected to finish dredging the pond late tonight, City Engineer Mike Wilson said today.

The celebration likely will include dredge workers, who have suffered through a series of delays, and nearby residents, who have lived with the roar of machinery for two months.

“The wonders never cease,” joked Wilson. who coordinated the project for the city. “I’m glad it’s over with, and we’re happy, but it’s just too bad we had all of the problems.”

Don Sandau. the owner of the company hired to dredge the pond, was in Everett, Wash., preparing for his company’s next project.

Sandau signed a contract with the city for $269,000 to complete the dredge work. His crews began work in late April and expected to finish in three to four weeks.

However, vandals shot holes in dredge equipment. Then the diesel engine on the dredge broke down. A new engine arrived and workmen discovered it was the wrong replacement engine. Three weeks — and $60,000 later — the dredge was back in operation.

The problems continued as crews encountered rocky areas in the pond that wreaked havoc on the dredge shovel. However, the Bend City Commission agreed to allow the work to continue 24 hours a day, and Sandau hoped that would speed up the work.

The Cascade Festival of Music presented the next problem, and Sandau agreed to stop work during the Drake Park concerts. Crewmen were treated to several classical music concerts, but little progress was made in the dredging during that week, Sandau said.

Source: The Bulletin ©1984

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