Bend Will Soon Have Electric Light Plant

bend-bulletin-3-3-1909Bend will have electric lights in the near future. A. M. Drake has fully decided to put in a dam and power plant and will supply the town with the long desired electric system. Mr. Drake has modified his plans somewhat and will build the first dam across the river a short distance from the present pumping plant. There is a natural site there for a small dam, and Mr. Drake’s plan for the present is to develop what power will be needed for an electric light plant and for pumping water for the city system. Work will begin on the dam in the immediate future and the plant will be pushed to completion.

Later, when there is more demand for power, a dam will be built in the narrow gap directly north of the old bunk house site, but nothing will be done with that project at present.

Source: Bend Bulletin 3-3-1909

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