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Chief Deputy Game Warden Brought 35,000 Fry to Bend Monday Night and Placed Them In River — Others to be Supplied Next Year

The Deschutes river today contains 35,000 more fish than it did on Monday. The reason for the rapid increase is that 35 cans of fish fry were placed in the stream Monday night by State officials.

Chief Deputy Came Warden T. J. Craig and Assistant H. W. Trembath arrived Monday evening with the young fish and the vessels containing them were at once loaded on a truck and taken to the Sisemore place above town where they were liberated. The fish are steelhead salmon trout and were brought from the Clackamas hatchery. The shipment came through unusually well, none of the little fish dying. They are very small now but In a year’s time will be from six to eight inches long. When they have attained their growth they weigh six or seven pounds.

Mr. Craig assured Secretary Sawhill of the Commercial Club that next spring 50,000 Eastern brook trout would be brought here to stock the river, the fry being too small to turn loose In the open stream now. He also said that enough lake trout to stock Paulina lake would be furnished by the state if transportation for them from Bend to the lake was guaranteed.

Messrs Craig and Trombath left yesterday morning.

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