Foley Outlines Power Scheme

Burns, July 18–Plans to furnish power to Burns and other Harney valley points from the Deschutes river and its tributaries were tentatively mentioned here by T. H. Foley, manager of the Bend Water, Light & Power Co., before the city council, when he met with that body to learn its attitude toward granting a franchise for such power development.

The council expressed itself as favorable to power development, but stated that it would not entered into any definite agreement until the sawmill interests here were consulted, as they might wish to furnish power generated from use of waste material.

Foley stated that he would not expect the council to do otherwise, and explained that he was not asking any definite promise or agreement at present.

Foley will leave tonight or in the morning for Burns, to confer further with officials there in the matter of proposed power development.

Source: Bend Bulletin

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