Tumalo Water for City’s Use is Authorized

Will Ask Civic Aid

Answers to B. W. L. & P. Questionnaire Favor, Municipal Ownership and Change of Source of Supple for Water Used Here 

Authorization to proceed with construction of a line to bring Tumalo creek water to Bend has been give, T. H. Foley, general manager for the Bend Water, Light & Power Co., stated today on his return from Portland where he conferred with representatives of the chief stockholders. This is in spite of the fact that a questionnaire recently sent out by the company showed a majority in favor of municipal ownership. It is rather to the city’s interest that the Tumalo line should be built before any transfer of title, Foley believes, and pointed out that the fact that the company will start construction does not in any way hinder the city from later acquiring title to the water system.

One thing, however, the company is not ready to do–to pay for Tumalo water rights to obtain pure water for Bend. Consequently, Foley will ask the assistance of the Commercial club and of the city council in inducing the state to accept the company’s filing. Construction work alone will cost about $20,000, according to revised estimates, and the expense of a water right cannot be added to this, says Foley.

Change Favored

In the questionnaire, two queries were put, the first: “Assuming the price is reasonable, and the water company will take the city’s bonds in payment–do you favor purchase of the water system by the city?”

On this, 230 votes were favorable and 163 opposed purchase.

The second question read: “Whether the city or the company owns the water system–do you favor getting the city water supply from Tumalo creek rather than the Deschutes, even if it necessary to increase water rates?”

Two hundred and ninety-four were for Tumalo water; the present water supply is good enough for the remaining 88 who voted.

Source: Bend Bulletin

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