Crew on Power Dam Increased


Work on the Project is Going Forward Steadily and Much is Being Accomplished —
Change in Plans From Ones First Adopted.

Work on the power dam at Bend is going forward steadily, of which the people of the town are fully aware, judging by the numerous heavy blasts they hear each day.  The crew has been augmented by 10 Italian laborers who came in from Portland last Saturday. A car load of cement is on the way from Shaniko to be used in the concrete work in various parts of the dam and power plant. The cement is a very expensive item in the cost of construction. Laid down at Shaniko it amounts to $3.80 a barrel. Freighted into Bend takes an additional $5.00 or a total cost of $8.80 per barrel.

Considerable changes have been made in the construction of the dam and power plant from the plans first contemplated. The main dam — as originally planned — will cross the river on an east and west line.  Running north some 300 feet from the east end of the dam and at right angles to it, another dam or retaining wall be built, approximately where the east bank of the river originally stood. Through this dam, which runs north and south, will be placed spillways through which the surplus water will be discharged into the present bed of the stream. From the north end of this dam, the water will be conducted through a short canal to the power plant and dropped 14 feet upon the wheels. This so called canal runs through a ridge of land and will require an excavation seven feet deep. The ground east and northeast of the dam and extending back to the rimrock, will all be under water. A bridge will be built across the top of the dam and spanning the entire river.

The power plant will be built with a capacity of 1,700 horsepower, but all construction is planned so that the plant may be easily enlarged, whenever desired.

Source: Bend Bulletin

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