Fourteen Ducks Added To Bend’s Population

Mama Mallards Proud But Calm; City Places Ban on Motor Boats in River Here

Life on Bend’s “mirror pond,” home of swans and ducks, was not all routine today. Fourteen tiny ducks, very much resembling brown spiders as they dart over the calm stream, have made their appearance on the pond and considerable excitement reigns amoung the older birds. However, two very dignified and proud mallards are swimming about the river, showing themselves at the edge of lawns. They are the mothers of the 14 little ducks and appear to be the least excited of all the birds in the pond.

The 14 ducks, in batches of 8 and 6, were hatched yesterday, according to information from Clyde M. McKay. Early this morning, the downy flotilla, escorted by two mallards, was in action, swimming around the river. The tiny birds were also accepting food today. All 14 are experienced navigators and can swim nearly as fast as their mothers.

Unlike their mothers, the ducklings are not always calm. Should some inquisitive birds fly over the pond and make a “landing” near the flotilla, the little ducks rush for their mothers and crawl on their backs. McKay is at a loss to know how the tiny birds manage to get aboard, but he knows they do without apparent difficulty. Once aboard, the mother ducks swim away with their cargo and all is calm.

It is expected that several dozen additional ducklings will make their appearance on the “mirror pond” in the next week or so.

Boat Ban Imposed

Ducks living on the Deschutes river in Bend will not be disturbed by motor boats in the future, it was decided by the city commission last night. The commission passed an ordinance forbidding the operation of gasoline or steam powered boats on the river with the city limits.

The ordinance was prepared after the Bend Kiwanis club had passed a resolution opposing use of motorboats on the river here during the nesting season of ducks.

Source: Bend Bulletin

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