Coalition for the Deschutes


July 2, 1992

Ms Lois Cashell, Secretary
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
825 North Capital Street, N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20426

Re: Project No. 2643 -001
Relicensing Bend hydroelectric

Dear Ms Cashell:

Enclosed please find the original and 14 copies of Motion to Intervene in the Bend Hydroelectric Project Relicensinq submitted by the Coalition for the Deschutes.

Thank you for your attention.

Ted Wise
Coalition for the Deschutes
POB 5183
Bend, OR 97708


Motion to Intervene in the Bend Hydroelectric Project Relicensinq

Relicensing FERC No. 2643-001

Pursuant to Section 385.214 of Title 18 of the Code of Federal Regulations [18 C.F.R., Sec. 385.214 (Rule 214)] THE COALITION FOR THE DESCHUTES hereby moves to intervene in these hydroelectric dam licensing proceedings.

THE COALITION FOR THE DESCHUTES is a not-for-profit corporation incorporated under the Oregon Non-Profit Corporation Act on 8 January 1985 for “the organization and implementation of educational and advocacy activities which promote and protect the economic, recreational, and environmental future of the Deschutes River basin.” (from Article III .. Articles of Incorporation, copy enclosed).

THE COALITION FOR THE DESCHUTES has been involved with land use actions on the Upper Deschutes since its inception. We have advocated for the protection in zoning variance hearings with Deschutes County. We have advocated for enhancement with the Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife. We have advocated for flow restoration with the Bureau of Reclamation, the State Joint Water Legislative Committee, Division of State Lands and the Oregon Dept of Water Resources.. We have advocated for the judicious application of hydroelectric sitings on the Upper Deschutes with your own Commission.

 Full Document: coalition-for-the-deschutes-letter

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