Fish and Wildlife Service Letter to Pacific Power

Mr. S.A. deSousa, Director,
Hydro Engineering and Licensing
Pacific Power
920 S.W. Sixth Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204

RE: Bend Hydroelectric Project FERC No. 2643

Dear Mr. deSousa:

The Fish and Wildlife Service has received your March 24, 1989 letter initiating agency consultation for the Bend Hydroelectric Project. At this time we will be unable to participate in the review of this project because of funding and manpower limitations. We, therefore, will rely on comments provided by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife during the consultation process.–Please keep us informed as to the progress of relicensing for this project.


Roger E. Vorderstrasse
Acting Field Supervisor

cc: ODFW, Portland
ODFW, Bend
FERC, Washington, D.C.
FERC, Portland

Document: USFWS-letter-to-FERC-1989

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