FERC to Pacific Power: “We plan to issue a final EA in the summer of 1994.”

Washington, D.C. 20426

Mr. S. A. DeSousa
Director, Hydro Resources
PacifiCorp Electric Operations
920 SW Sixth Avenue
Portland, OR 97204

Project No. 2643-001-0regon Bend Hydroelectric Project

Dear Mr. DeSousa:

Thank you for your letter dated March 29, 1994, in which you comment on the draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Bend Hydroelectric Project, No. 2643-001, dated August 31, 1993. Among other things, you say that if Interior doesn’t withdraw its fishway prescription, you may decide to decommission the project.

We’re in the process of addressing all comments received on the draft EA and plan to issue a final EA in the summer of 1994. Our preliminary assessment of the comment letters shows that we’ll probably be recommending project retirement.

If we recommend retirement in the final EA, we would prefer to consider decommissioning issues in the relicensing proceeding. However, we agree that the parties need more time to consider these issues.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to examine retirement alternatives–including any not analyzed in the draft EA–and to explore settlement options. We’d be glad to work with you if that would be useful. If you conclude that decommissioning is appropriate, we request that you file decommissioning plan within 120 days after we issue the final EA.

If you have any questions concerning this request, please call Mr. Joe Davis at (202) 219-2865.


John H. Clements
Acting Director, Division of Project Review

Enclosure: letter to parties on project mailing list

Document: EA-coming-summer-1994 (PDF)

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