Power Plant For Bend

Mr. John Steidl announced to The Bulletin this week that when A. M. Drake was here recently he made a filing on the waters of the Deschutes with the view of building a power plant at Bend. The filing was made to cover a location at the narrow place in the river just north of the site of the old bunk house. Present plans contemplate the building of a dam at that point, and the installation of a large electric power plant.

Mr. Steidl was not in possession of full particulars of the sire of the plant contemplated, but he said that he expects engineers to arrive at Bend this month to make the necessary surveys. Mr, Drake is in negotiation with capitalists who are interested in power projects, and he expects to have them associated with him in this enterprise.

Such a plant would be hailed with delight by Bend people as it would afford electric lighting facilities, and electric power when that commodity is needed. If this plant is installed it will be the pioneer one in the Bend country, and will be a forerunner of a vast industry that will some day be developed when the thousands of horse-power along the Deschutes now going to waste are put to beneficial use.

Source: Bend Bulletin

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