Dredge Mirror Pond

I agree with Barbara Buxton’s letter of Dec. 30 concerning the use of Bend Park & Recreation District funds to dredge Mirror Pond.

As a native of Bend, I grew up during the era of beautiful floats and gigantic swans floating downriver during the Bend Water Pageants. Today the floats would be stuck in the mud and silt that has filled in our beautiful pond. Drake Park and Mirror Pond are the crown jewels of our community and of our park system. People come here to enjoy their beauty, but if something is not done soon, we will have nothing but a mud flat to show visitors. Try taking your kayak, raft or canoe out in that!

As a taxpayer, I would like to see the city of Bend or the Bend Park & Recreation District spend its money on dredging Mirror Pond before it is too late.

Sue Fountain

Source: The Bulletin ©2012

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