Body of Boy is Found in River

The body of Larry Crowell, 2½ year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Crowell, was found at 2:35 o’clock this afternoon in the power dam forebay, lodged in weeds near the boom which diagonally crossed the pond in front of the power house. The discovery of the body ended a search that started Wednesday night, when the little boy’s tricycle was found in the deep water just back of Riverfront street.

Larry had evidently toppled into the river as he rode his tricycle to the water’s edge, down an alley near McKay street. The tricycle went over an improvised boat dock.

The hunt for the body centered in the lower mirror pond after several boys spotted an object they believed to be a large doll drifting down the mirror pond just below Drake park bridge.

To expedite the search, the mirror pond was drained last night, and early this morning the stream was again running through its old channel. This afternoon additional gates of the power dam were opened, to further lower the water. Shortly after this was done, the body was found.

The body apparently crossed the boom and came to rest in the weeds. When the mirror pond was drained, the boom swung out of position and was beyond the body.

Arrangements to turn practically all water out of the mirror pond, by draining and refilling the upper river mill pond, were being made when the body was found. Muddy water retarded the search this afternoon, as the river cut into mud banks in the mirror pond basin.

W. A. Lackaff, power company manager here, announced that work refilling the pond will be started at once. It was drained through the cooperation of the two local lumber mills, which assisted in generating power, and irrigation companies, which diverted full heads of water into their main ditches.

Larry is survived by his parents and a sister Darleen. Funeral arrangements have not been made.

Source: The Bend Bulletin ©1937

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