Tests to Be Started for Foundation for Pageant Arch

Foundation tests for the Mirror pond pageant arch pier proposed to be constructed when the pond is drained this fall were to be started today, in an attempt to determine whether rock underlies the mud banks on which the present temporary piers are erected. Rods are to be driven into the underlying mud in connection with the test work.

No date for the draining of the pond has yet been set, W. A. Lackaff, local manager of the Pacific Power & Light Co. plant, reported this morning. Mirror pond is to be drained to permit of repair work on the power plant dam. While the pond is empty, for a period of four or five days, the Bend Stampede and Waer Pageant association plans to construct the permanent piers for the arches used in connection with the river pageants.

Recently, the city appropriated $400 for the pier project and the pageant association a smaller amount. It is planned to construct concrete piers.

Temporary piers are leaning badly and may collapse at any time.

It is known that a considerable mud bank exists in the location where permanent piers are to be erected, but the depth of this mud is unknown. Originally, the Deschutes flowed through Bend in a rather narrow channel, flanked by willows in pioneer days. After the power dam was constructed, sediments slowly accumulated behind the dam, in the  still water.

Twice in recent years the Mirror pond has been drained, exposing vast mud flats, banks of which caved as the river, its current increased, cut down toward its old channel.

Source: The Bend Bulletin ©1941

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