Keep The Weeds Out

For 10 or more summers preceding that of 1936 the appearance of the Mirror pond was increasingly unlovely. Water weeds, unknown in the first years of the pond created by the power dam, appeared in larger and larger quantity. As the weeds came to the surface they intercepted the bark discharged from the log ponds at the mills and the casual refuse brought down the current until, by the middle or the end of August, instead of a beautiful sheet of water in the heart of the city there was an ugly and disagreeable appearance of weeds and litter.

In the summer of 1936 the water was drawn out of the Mirror pond so that work at the new Newport avenue bridge might be expedited. For nearly two weeks the mud banks and the shoals of the river were exposed, crews worked at cutting down some of the weed beds and property owners along the shore went at the roots of the plants in front of their places. This work, plus–possibly–the effect of the sun on the exposed growth usually covered by water, was effective in eliminating the weeds last summer and none appeared on the surface after the pond was filled again. This summer, also, the river as been virtually free from the disfigurement hitherto objectionable.

While the memory of the weed conditions prior to 1936 is fresh in mind it is well to have a look at the river now and to see what it can be like with the weeds gone. Today it is a beautiful place and attractive alike to the visitor who sees it for the first time and to the resident to whom it is a part of his daily routine. Seeing the river as it now is and remembering how objectionable its appearance can be should lead to the resolve that hereafter it shall be kept clean and clear and, in fact as well as in name, be the Mirror pond.

Source: The Bend Bulletin ©1937

Additional Document: robert-sawyer-phone-directory-1936

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