Ice breaks, miring boy in pond mud

A boy who mired in the mud of the drained Mirror Pond narrowly escaped possible suffocation this morning about 10 o’clock.

The Youngster, identified by companions as Gifford Akins, about 8, had walked out on an Icy fringe from the east bank of the river, upstream from the Drake Park footbridge. Suddenly the ice broke and the boy started sinking in the soft mud.

Boys nearby noticed the plight of the youngster. Two of them, Doug Brown and Don Williams, quickly “borrowed” a coat from another youngster, tossed It toward the stranded boy while holding to one arm of the garment, then started a slow rescue.

Gradually, the boy was pulled from the mud and taken ashore.

When first sighted by companions, Gifford was sinking fast in the mud, line of which was between his waist and his arm pits.

Officers have cautioned all youngsters to stay away from the treacherous mud banks, which in some places are like quicksands.

The river was drained Thursday afternoon, to permit the frost kill of aquatic weeds, and survey of the mud banks.

Source: The Bulletin ©1964

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